Past Releases

Mi Ami – Ark of the Covenant

Fall of 2008, edition of 500. Two jams from the first Mi Ami recording sessions; a feral taste of what was to come. Side a merges frenzied wailing with some hissy synths, while side b versions things into a space groove. One of J Long’s finest basslines.

20jazzfunkgreats wrote:

Well, Mi Ami infiltrate our interstellar space with a new 12”, so we thought we’d say WHA, in Ark of the Covenant they continue reading the crooked ways of the drum straight off the black source without resorting to post-punk translators, and the message strikes home fierce n deep. The sheer intensity of its death wailing, which surfs over a red tide of stomping dub bass and no wave guitar shrieking, yellow-eyed panther chewing through its own flesh to escape that cruel trap, burns into our brains images feverish like Malaria-induced hallucinations, camouflage nets covering barracks where taut guerrilla muscles tattooed with the severe faces of Fela Kuti, Sun Ra and Jah Wobble flex resolute covered in a sweaty sheen.


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